A photograph is just a snapshot of a subject in time, and I cherish capturing human emotions in each of them.

I am an art photographer, using my creative vision to share my perceptions and emotions with others. The black and white photography is classic to me. I started taking photographs since I was 17, when I went to Himalayas with my late father, and he handed me his Canon rangefinder camera. I looked at the great Himalayas through the viewfinder and I fell in love.

Though capturing human emotions always move me, I welcome of capturing photographs of everything and long as it is a creative challenge. Be it nature, to people walking on a street, or a wedding – creative opportunities are present in everything around us. The end result is always a piece of art seen through my eyes.

I was born and raised in India, and now call New York my home for over 20 years. I have a business school degree, but chose photography as a career. I mastered the skills in the old fashioned way, starting from photography courses in school where my professors admired my outside of the box approach and guided me towards art photography. Even after a hard day of classes, spending hours in a darkroom waiting to see my work take shape always exhilarated my mind and soul.

Over the years, I have helped my friends and others to capture images of their special occasions in life, and I have worked on my own personal projects too. Some of that work are exhibited on this web site for you . I have also participated and was recognized in multiple exhibitions sponsored by PSA and FIAP.

Photography is my passion and I travel around the world capturing people and places as part of my personal projects, and welcome travelling assignments too. If you have any special occasion coming up, and interested in someone helping you to capture it from a unique perspective, let’s talk.

My style of photography helps me to work with special needs kids and their families, and I absolutely love that experience.